The Big Data Days 2022 is Back!

We are looking for committed individuals with proven expertise and a strong ability to present the latest information, tools and models used in Big Data.

Presenting at Big Data Days 2022 is a unique opportunity to position your brand as a leader and network with the most influential peers within the Big Data technology community as well to have their profile promoted on our newsletters, website and through our social media channels.

If you have a presentation topic that falls into any of the below categories, we encourage you to apply to speak. However, we are also exploring topics outside of this list, so don’t hesitate to apply if your area of expertise is not mentioned here.

  • Big Data technologies, tools and solution environments.
  • Data Science
  • AI

Session Formats:

  • Talk (45 minutes)
  • Workshops (2 hours)

Speaker Selection Process:

The selection of speakers is entirely independent of any commercial consideration and speaking proposals are accepted only upon the merit of the proposal, individual speaker, relevance of the topic, and an available speaking slot.

Please note that workshop sessions require a demonstrable track record from individuals who have experience teaching at a university, labs, or educational organization as well as core contributors to the field.

To submit your proposal, please fill out this form before 21 March 2022.

We do not accept sales pitches or marketing presentations. If you are looking for an exposure opportunity for your company, we offer other avenues for promotion during the conference. Please email us at for more details.