Enterprise Big Data Framework Memberships

EBDFA Memberships

An EBDFA membership provides access into the world’s largest global organization for empowering Big Data Professionals to succeed in any industry. We equip and inspire individuals to be leaders in the fast-changing world of data, analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence by offering opportunities for:

  • Individual Memberships
  • Enterprise Memberships
  • Educator Memberships

Download Free Resources, Guides and Content

The Enterprise Big Data Framework provides all educational guides, sample exams and other resources for free.

Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance - Individual Membership

EBDFA Individual Membership

EBDFA Individual membership provides several benefits, including access to industry-specific knowledge and resources, networking opportunities with other professionals in the field, and discounted rates on events and training. With your membership, you’ll get:

  • Access to the “Data Literacy Fundamentals” course
  • Discount on books, and other learning materials
  • US$ 100.00 discount on any EBDFA Certification course
  • US$ 50.00 on any EBDFA Exam voucher

EBDFA Enterprise Membership

Enterprise Members enjoy discounts and benefits for their staff members. With an Enterprise Membership, all your employees can follow all the online training courses, and exam discounts apply. The Enterprise Membership offers:

  • Unlimited access to all online EBDFA courses for 100 employees
  • Unlimited access to all learning materials for 100 employees
  • US$ 100.00 discount on any EBDFA Certification course
  • US$ 50.00 discount on EBDFA exam voucher
  • Silver sponsorship during the annual “Big Data Days” conference

The Enterprise Big Data Enterprise Membership is specifically designed as an enterprise membership for large organizations.

Big Data Framework Alliance - Corporate Membership
EBDFA Educator Membership

EBDFA Educator Membership

The EBDFA Educator Membership is specifically designed for Educators and teachers that teach Big Data programs. This membership is only available to for teachers who meet the following criteria:

Please note that this the EBDFA Educator Membership cannot be bought directly, and will only be assigned to individuals that meet the requirements above.

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“The EBDFA membership is of great value to every Big Data Professional. The access to the free courses, the practices questions and discussion forums were an excellent way to prep for my exams”

George Kamming

Data Analyst, Dropbox