Enterprise Big Data Professional


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Course Duration ± 24 Hours

“The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP®) course will teach participants the fundamental concepts and techniques behind ‘Big Data,’ and how organizations can retrieve value from large quantities of data.”


The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP®) course provides an introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Big Data, and provides an overview of the capabilities that organizations need to develop to move towards data-driven decision making. By embedding Big Data capabilities, organization can make faster and more reliable decisions and bring products faster to market.

Big Data and the use of corresponding Big Data technologies have quickly risen in popularity in recent years and many organizations have set up dedicated data analysis or Big Data function in the organization. In this course, we will discuss how organizations can use Big Data technologies and techniques to spot patterns in large quantities of enterprise data and how these patterns can be used to increase overall performance.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional course discusses the core concepts, technologies and practical use of Big Data technologies, based on the capability model of the Big Data Framework. The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyze massive quantities of data.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional course is an entry-level course that will provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies. In this extensive program, delegates will learn how to adopt, adapt and apply the fundamental principles of Big Data in their own organization to realize business benefits.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional training and corresponding certification is the first level of the Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program, which is globally accredited by APMG-International. The curriculum provides a vendor-neutral and objective understanding of Big Data architectures, technologies and processes.

This course positions learners to successfully complete the Enterprise Big Data Professional certification exam.

Course Objectives

The course objectives of the Enterprise Big Data Professional course include a practical understanding Big Data concepts and technologies, and will prepare participants to:

  1. Explain the history and context of Big Data in comparison to traditional data analysis techniques and solutions.
  2. Describe the fundamental characteristics of data analysis, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence and the differences between these concepts.
  3. Describe how to formulate a Big Data strategy that underpins the business drivers of Big Data and Big Data solutions in order to capture the value proposition of Big Data.
  4. Discuss the high-level principles and design elements of contemporary Big Data architectures and explain their core benefits.
  5. Explain fundamental Big Data algorithms and processing techniques in order to select the appropriate techniques to solve practical Big Data problems.
  6. Identify how to apply the Big Data processes that are necessary in enterprise organizations to capture value from massive quantities of data.
  7. Explain key functions, roles and competences in organizations that are necessary to capture long-term value from Big Data.
  8. Understand the importance and concept of Artificial Intelligence and its relation to Big Data methods and solutions.


The Enterprise Big Data Professional qualification is aimed at individuals who are involved in enterprise Big Data analysis, who require a working knowledge of the principles behind Big Data, who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice. The target audience of the Enterprise Big Data Professional qualification therefore includes:

  • Data Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Digital Marketeers
  • IT Professionals
  • Everyone who wants to learn more about Big Data

The Enterprise Big Data Professional qualification is an entry-level course for all processionals that aim to get a basic understanding of Big Data terminology, core concepts and Big Data solutions.

Learning Materials

Participants to the Enterprise Big Data Professional course will receive the following study materials:

  • 24 hours of instructor-led training and exercise facilitation
  • Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference)
  • Participation in unique exercises designed to apply concepts
  • Sample documents, templates, tools and techniques
  • Access to additional value-added resources and communities


The course will provide an overview of existing technologies, but will not go into programming or implementation. There is no mandatory prerequisite to take the Enterprise Big Data Professional examination.


Successfully passing (65%) the 90-minute examination, consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions, leads to the Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) Certificate. The examination and certification process is administered by APMG-International on behalf of the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance.

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Big Data

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Value of Big Data
  • A short history of Big Data
  • Big Data characteristics
  • Data analysis, analytics, business intelligence and Big Data
  • Different data types
  • Data products and Big Data solutions
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Big Data Framework

  • Introduction to the Big Data Framework
  • The structure of the Big Data Framework
  • Working with the Big Data Framework
  • Big Data Maturity Assessment

Big Data Strategy

  • Big Data as competitive strategy
  • Business drivers for Big Data
  • Formulating a Big Data strategy
  • The Big Data strategy document checklist

Big Data Architecture

  • Introduction to Big Data architecture
  • The NIST Big Data Reference Architecture
  • Distributed data storage and processing
  • Big Data storage
  • Big Data analysis architecture
  • Hadoop open-source software framework

Big Data Algorithms

  • Introduction to algorithms
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Statistical Inference
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Outlier detection
  • Data visualization

Big Data Processes

  • Introduction to Big Data processes
  • Data analysis process
  • Data governance processes
  • Data management process

Big Data Functions

  • Introduction to Big Data functions
  • Designing a Big Data organization
  • Roles and responsibilities in Big Data teams
  • Big Data skills
  • Organization success factors for Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Capabilities in Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning

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Enterprise Big Data Professional Guide

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The Enterprise Big Data Professional Guide is the official supporting book for the Enterprise Big Data Professional certification, and is made available free of charge.The Enterprise Big Data Professional official guide provides an introduction to the core concepts and techniques of Big Data, and provides an overview of the capabilities that organizations need to develop to move towards data-driven decision making.

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