Vendor-Independent Big Data Certifications

The Enterprise Big Data Scheme consists of 4 levels that increase in terms of knowledge and practical application of concepts:

  1. Enterprise Big Data Professional: An Enterprise Big Data Science Professional has demonstrated proficiency in the analysis practices and technology concepts and mechanisms that comprise and are featured in contemporary Big Data environments and tools.
  2. Enterprise Big Data Analyst: An Enterprise Big Data Analyst has demonstrated proficiency in the most common Big Data analysis and analytics concepts and techniques, as well as contemporary Big Data technologies, tools and solution environments.
  3. Enterprise Big Data Scientist: An Enterprise Big Data Scientist has demonstrated proficiency in the application of techniques and tools required for exploring large volumes of complex data and the communication of the analysis results.
  4. Enterprise Big Data Engineer: An Enterprise Big Data Engineer has demonstrated proficiency in the design, implementation, and integration of Big Data solutions within the IT enterprise and cloud-based environments.
  5. Enterprise Big Data Architect: An Enterprise Big Data Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the understanding of data warehouse architecture and  models both how the infrastructure and its components will align with business requirements.

For each certification, a corresponding training course is offered through Certified Partners.

The data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past 2 Years than in the entire previous history of human race.

Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2030, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.

Enterprise Big Data Framework


The Big Data Framework is an independent body of knowledge for the development and advancement of Big Data practices and certification. Big Data Framework aims to inspire, promote and develop excellence in Big Data practices, analysis and applications across the globe.

Are you a university, school or training institute and want to deliver Big Data Framework certification courses? As an Accredited Training Partner, your organization is licensed to deliver the Big Data Framework training courses based on the Big Data Certification Scheme and provide the Big Data Framework examinations.

The Big Data Framework has partnered with APMG International in order to arrange the accreditation of educational institutes. APMG International is a leading and global accreditation organization with the highest quality standards. Successfully going through the APMG assessment process is a testament of an Accredited Training Partner commitment to providing quality training services.

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Where can I take the examination?

The examinations are distributed through Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). For more information about authorized training partners, please visit the website of APMG-International.

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Advancing Big Data Best Practices

Data can be used to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Data driven decisions lead to better decisions, and unearth a wealth of possibilities. In order to achieve this mission, we need knowledge about Big Data. The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance is on a mission to develop and educate the world in Big Data Best Practices.

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