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Advancing Big Data Best Practices

Through the Enterprise Big Data Framework, we make knowledge about data, analytics, machine learning and AI available to thousands of people and organizations.

The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance builds a community of practitioners through memberships, advancing knowledge through vendor-independent certification programs, and hosts community events for learning and inspiration.


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A professional community that advances Big Data Best Practices

The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance is dedicated to Lifetime Learning and Career Progression for our Global Community of Big Data Professionals.

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Membership and Professional Community

EBDFA’s membership constituency is characterized by its diversity. The global community of EBDFA members and certified individuals covers a variety of professional IT-related positions, data engineers, data analysts, architects, big data professionals, consultants, educators, and C-suite executives.

We partner with you through your full career lifecycle–whether you are new to the field, in a management role, or in a senior leadership position. We serve professionals in nearly every industry and every geography.

Professional Recognition and Vendor Independent Certifications

The Enterprise Big Data Framework education and certification scheme is a vendor-neutral program dedicated to best practices in enterprise analytics, machine learning and big data. The program consists of five certifications for different specializations, and discusses fundamental knowledge, concepts and techniques of big data environments.

The comprehensive curriculum enables professionals to obtain real-world proficiency in Big Data standards and its ability to disrupt the world.

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Conferences, Insights, Guidance and Practices

EBDFA continuously addresses the technological issues challenging enterprise leaders and professionals. We do this through covering major news and current events affecting the Big Data community and researching and developing globally recognized solutions, best practices and frameworks.

By actively researching and drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of the EBDFA community worldwide, our guidance offers comprehensive solutions grounded in real-world success.

Let’s Make Things Happen

The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance offers continuous education, conferencerences and events.

“I was asked as a speaker for the Big Data Days 2022 event. I previously had never heard of Big Data Days, and was a little shocked when 800 people registered for the conference.”

Eric Ngyen

Senior Manager, Synergy Group (Australia)