Are you a training organization, Big Data company or professional school and want to deliver the Big Data Framework courses to your customers or students?

As an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), your organization is licensed to deliver all the Big Data Framework courses to customers all around the world. As an ATO, you will have access to the instructor materials, and are able to order Big Data examinations. You will be able to market and sell all courses based on the Big Data Framework. Benefits of becoming a Big Data training organization include:

  • The ability to market and sell leading Big Data courses and certifications

  • Free access to course and instructor materials

  • The ability to order exams directly for your students

  • Your organization will be listed in the official partner directory

How do I become an Accredited Training Organization

In order to become an Accredited Training Partner, you will need to take the following steps:

1. Achieve a Trainer Certification
You will first need to indentify a trainer who will pass the Big Data Framework Certification with an elevated pass mark of 75%. Exam can be taken either online or through another training partner.

2. Apply to become a partner
In this step, you fill out your interest to become a Big Data Accredited Training Partner. We will conduct a check whether your organization would be a suitable training provider to deliver Enterprise Big Data training. If you are already an accredited partner with APMG International, this step can be skipped.

3. Pass the trainer knowledge interview
As a last step, the selected trainer should pass a knowledge interview with one of the globally accredited assessors. During this assessment, the trainer will be assessed on training skills and subject-matter expertise.

4. Start offering Big Data certification courses
After the last step, your organization will become a official Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and will be accredited to deliver Big Data courses. The accreditation is a mark of quality that only a select group or organizations will achieve. You can start selling and delivering courses after this moment.

Request Training Partner Interest Package

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