Enterprise Big Data Framework announces the return of its annual international conference: Big Data Days 2022

Big Data Days 2022 is the spring gathering of Big Data professionals, providing an opportunity to gather new knowledge and network with fellow colleagues around the world in the domain of Big Data, Data Science and Analytics. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – February 10, 2022. The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance (EBDFA) is running its third Big Data international virtual conference that will be hosted from May 24 to 25, 2022. Due to the global developments with regards to the COVID pandemic, this year’s edition will again be presented virtually. The Big Data Data Days 2022 will feature international Big Data and Analytics experts and professionals with the aim of providing opportunities to network, knowledge sharing and fostering Big Data and Enterprise AI ecosystem development.

Big Data Days 2022 aims at bringing together the research and innovation community working on Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI), promoting opportunities for this community to grow. In 2022’s edition, the event will highlight thought leadership on Big Data best practices in the Enterprise, explore innovative ML and AI case studies, and next-gen Big Data technology, allowing professionals to share their expertise in the domain that provides visibility to a larger number of international initiatives and projects throughout the field.  

The Big Data Days 2022 is organized by the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance, in collaboration with industry and Academic Partners throughout the region. It is held online and is free of charge. 


Call for Big Data Days 2022 Speakers

The Big Data Days 2022 edition will focus on thought leadership and applications of Big Data best practices in the community. Presenting at Big Data Days 2022 is a unique opportunity to position your brand as a leader and network with the most influential peers within the Big Data technology community. If you would like to present during the Big Data Days 2022, you can already register your interest by clicking the apply button below and if you have any questions, email us at info@bigdataframework.org