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Modern Data Engineering Stack For Business Intelligence

By Marek K Zieliński

Successful Business Intelligence (BI) projects rely on sound data engineering. For this reason, focusing on good practices and adequate technologies is one of the best ways to drive the success of analytics projects and keep costs in check.

During the presentation, Marek will present essential data technologies that should support your analytics project, i.a. Data Factory and Azure Synapse, dedicated SQL pool, Data Lake, Datamart, and more. Marek will show you how you can integrate these building blocks to best support your BI projects.

About the Speaker


Co-founder of 10 Senses, a company that offers advanced analytics products and services, including AI and process mining. Has over 10 years of experience working with data-related problems, such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and process mining.

Marek specializes in Data Engineering for data visualization, ML/AI, and process analytics. He has also worked on using GPUs to support computational performance. He happily shares his knowledge and experience with the market during conferences, meetings, and training sessions. He has a background in Solid State Physics and is a specialist in Data Warehousing and BI, and by hobby, he is a statistical physicist.

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