Introducing Data Literacy Fundamentals: A Standalone Course in Enterprise Big Data Framework

Bonn, Germany 21 June 2023 – Enterprise Big Data Framework (EBDF) proudly announces the launch of their latest offering, the Data Literacy Fundamentals course. This standalone course is designed to provide individuals from any industry background and technical expertise level with essential knowledge in data literacy, enabling them to harness the power of big data effectively.

Data literacy has become increasingly crucial in the digital age, as organizations worldwide generate vast amounts of data on a daily basis. Understanding how to interpret, analyse, and make informed decisions based on this data is essential for professionals across all sectors. The Data Literacy Fundamentals course bridges the gap by providing participants with the necessary foundational skills to comprehend and leverage big data successfully.

One of the key advantages of the Data Literacy Fundamentals course is its flexibility. Participants have the option to pursue this course independently, separate from the Enterprise Big Data Framework certification scheme. This allows professionals to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs and interests, without committing to the entire certification program.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Data Literacy Fundamentals course as part of our comprehensive training portfolio,” said Jan Willem Middelburg, President at EBDFA. “This course aims to empower professionals from diverse backgrounds to develop a solid understanding of data literacy, regardless of their technical knowledge. By providing this standalone option, we are enabling individuals to enhance their skills and make data-driven decisions confidently.”

The Data Literacy Fundamentals course is not only designed to be accessible but also accredited by APMG International, a renowned global accreditation and examination body. This accreditation ensures that participants receive a high-quality and internationally recognized certification upon successful completion of the course.

To accommodate varying learning preferences and schedules, the Data Literacy Fundamentals course is available as a self-paced online course through the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance (EBDFA) membership portal. In addition, individuals can access the course through EBDFA accredited training organizations, allowing them to benefit from expert guidance and support while mastering the fundamentals of data literacy.

As part of the course offering, participants will have the opportunity to take the Data Literacy Fundamentals exam, which is now available through APMG International. This exam serves as a comprehensive assessment of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course, further validating participants’ understanding and competence in data literacy.

For more information about the Data Literacy Fundamentals course or to enroll, visit here.

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