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The Power Of Data Literacy

By Jordan Morrow

The world of data and analytics is riddled with buzzwords and hype around different topics. Do these topics hold value? One of these topics is data literacy. Does data literacy hold value? Can data literacy work?

Join Jordan Morrow, known as the Godfather of Data Literacy, as he helps us get beyond the hype. Through this session, Jordan will work to help the audience understand what data literacy is, why it matters, and what individuals and organizations can do to improve their data literacy skills.

Along with this, Jordan will teach what it means to be data-driven, what a holistic approach to data looks like, what the data and analytical mindset is, and how each individual fits into the organization.

About the Speaker


Jordan Morrow is known as the “Godfather of Data Literacy”, having helped pioneer the field by building one of the world’s first data literacy programs and driving thought leadership. Jordan is Head of Data Skills at Pluralsight and a global trailblazer in the world of data literacy, building the world’s first full-scale data literacy program. He served as the Chair of the Advisory Board for The Data Literacy Project, has spoken at numerous conferences around the world, and is an active voice in the data and analytics community. He has also helped companies and organizations around the world, including the United Nations, build and understand data literacy.

When not found within his work of Data, Jordan is happily married with 5 kids. Jordan is also an avid trail runner and loves fitness, entering and racing in multiple ultra-marathons, and having fun adventures in the mountains. Jordan loves to read, often reading (or using Audible) to go through multiple books at a time.

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