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Role Of Big Data Analytics In Enhancing Organizational Performance

By Laila Faridoon

In this session, Laila will explain the role of Big Data Analytics Capability in enhancing the Organizational Performance of government organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The presentation will also highlight the role of Organizational Learning and Decision-Making capabilities in enabling the positive impact of big data analytics in the organization, as well as discuss the need for agility in the use of emerging digital technologies.

About the Speaker


Miss Laila Faridoon is a thought leader, public speaker, and author. She is the founder & CEO of Looking Forward Consultancy, which specializes in business and digital consulting services utilizing her strong mix of technology and business skills. She has 20 years of deep experience in innovation, project, and corporate management (Executive Director of the Chairman Office in Dubai RTA for the past 13 years). She is passionate about challenging the status quo and leveraging science and technology for the good of humanity. In addition, she is a big advocate for Women in STEM through her different roles and endeavors.

She has been selected among the top 30 women leaders to look out to in 2023 by the NYC Journal and has been chosen as an ambassador of goodwill in 2019 by the League of Arab Organizations.

She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is currently pursuing her PhD in the field of Big Data Analytics at King’s College London, she is an active researcher in the field of digital transformation and has authored many papers and chapters in different books.

Ms. Faridoon has extensive experience in boards management, she served on many regional and international boards with different roles: PMI UAE Chapter (President), Dubai International Project Management Forum (President), Hamdan Award for innovation in Project Management (General Secretary), RTA board of directors (General Secretary), UITP Centre of excellence (Board member) and Dubai Quality Group (board member).

She has authored a book, “Looking Forward To the Bright Side,” that is based on her own journey in life and gives you a guide on how to transform your life to the one that you want. Ms. Faridoon has received several awards, the latest being the Middle East Woman Leader in Corporate Management Excellence.

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