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Orchestrating DBT Transformations with Gitlab CICD

Orchestrating DBT Transformations with Gitlab CICD

By Nathaniel Rose

Utilizing the previous work the Ripple Data team built around GitOps and managed deployments, Nathaniel Rose provides a template for orchestrating DBT models. This talk goes through how to orchestrate Data Built Tool in GCP Cloud Composer with KubernetesPodOperator as our airflow scheduling tool that isolates packages and discusses how this benefits the Ripple team from crypto Payments and Compliance.

About the Speaker

Orchestrating DBT Transformations with Gitlab CICDNathaniel Rose is Senior Software Engineer & Web3 Developer on the Data Platform Engineering Team at Ripple. Nathaniel is an ex-Microsoft Distributed Systems engineer and Neurotechnology Researcher who focused on gaze selection and brain machine interfaces at Imperial College London. Nathaniel advocates for education equity – co-founding the Bay Area NSBE Chapter to aid students with STEM skills giving them the edge to pursue future life endeavors.

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