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Monetizing Your Data: Moving Beyond the Dashboards

By Rohan Persaud

It’s time to think differently about data and analytics strategies. While many organisations have progressed from relying on static reports generated by IT teams to using some version of a self-service model, most still struggle to reap the world-changing benefits long-promised by experts.

Unfortunately, each evolution has delivered only incremental improvements over the last wave of analytics, leaving the biggest problems half-solved, and data assets under leveraged. With analytics infusion, you can create a better way to work and a better customer experience.

In this session Rohan will share more about:

  • The future of business intelligence and how your organisation can stay ahead of the curve by thinking about life beyond the dashboard
  • Enhancing your data strategy to get more out of your data
  • How other companies are infusing analytics to not just meet, but exceed their hardest business objectives.

Monetizing Your Data: Moving Beyond the DashboardsRohan Persaud has close to 25 years of experience in the field of business intelligence, reporting and analytics. Throughout his career at Cognos, IBM and now Sisense, Rohan has helped businesses focus on achieving better results through technology. He has a background in Organisational Development and is thrilled to be presenting at Big Data Days 2022.

To understand more about what is Big Data Days 2022, visit here.

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