Project Description

Enterprise Guide To Advancing Analytics Capabilities: An Architecture Journey for Data-Driven Insights and Innovations

By John Mousa

What successful organization have in common is driving outcomes and value based on the insights and leanings from data. Data driven enterprises integrate data across domains and systems to better understand their customers and tailor their decisions. For most enterprises, even if your organization is doing just fine and hard work is paying off, there are habits that stand between the organization and the next level. In this session we navigate enterprise data driven journey through a model of self improvement, going from initial analytical capabilities stage, through functional and data driven stages and finally to fostering continuous innovation.

As enterprises scale in size and engage in business model innovation, extracting insights becomes complex and the process to do so mirrors this complexity. The alignment needed for driving new initiatives and strategies in such landscapes hinders innovation. As an enterprise architect, you also face the challenges of navigating multiple concepts where decisions are impacted by the fear of “missing out“ or ”lock in“. In this talk we use a model to guide you around data platform architecture patterns and capabilities. This allows you to understand at what phase your teams are in and what are the right organizational capabilities and patterns to focus on for the next step. I also present how to use the model to architect for 2 way-door decisions and scale multiple platforms as the data landscape grows. Through model we’ll explore what’s needed to support the business in its scalable data-driven journey towards innovation.

About the Speaker

Enterprise Guide To Advancing Analytics Capabilities: An Architecture Journey for Data-Driven Insights and InnovationsJohn Mousa has more than 15 years of extensive experience in wide range of solutions, including and not limited to enterprise middle-wares, scalable and high velocity micro-services back-ends, and big data and analytics. He has engaged with multiple organizations ranging from start ups and non governmental organizations to leaders in digital native and enterprise services. When he’s not enabling customers on workloads, he utilizes his experience in process improvement to drive digital transformation strategies and on data driven culture.

He currently enables enterprise, and other customers, world wide as a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS based in Germany. Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his family and play video games.

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