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Empowering Social Entrepreneurship Through Democratisation of DT3

Empowering Social Entrepreneurship Through Democratisation of DT3

By Ir. Dr. Lim Eu Shawn

The drone service industry has been a crucial pivot in modernizing many industries globally from agriculture to public infrastructure management and even logistics; however has always at best fragmented in solutions, service deliver and most of all consolidating the potential of the enormous amounts of decentralized drone data collected globally.

In this session, we will cover how the concept of democratizing drone big data can enable organizations gain a quantum leap in the solutions they provide to their customers, employees, and the communities; the narratives will be oriented towards a ‘based on a true story’ concept which will also focus on the social enrichment and enabling that such a democratization exercise will enable for communities built around this concept. This includes how a democratized drone data platform can be used to build solutions for people facing social and economic challenges and even reversing the effects of rural decay by creating opportunities for drone-based gig economy.

Drone big data should be used for the betterment of communities, lives and ultimately, advancing humanity.

About the Speaker

Empowering Social Entrepreneurship Through Democratisation of DT3Ir. Dr. Lim Eu Shawn is currently the Senior Vice President of Aerodyne Group overseeing Global Solutions Development across Asia Pacific, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Americas and Middle East. He focuses specifically on the overall solutioning strategy and strategic tech development associated with strengthening Aerodyne’s position as a unique DT3 multinational.

He has previously led the Consultancy and Project Delivery portfolio at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS where he undertook the portfolio management and delivery of deep tech and engineering consulting projects globally. He has grown UTP to be the largest university-based consulting outfit in Malaysia during his tenure at UTP.

He is also currently the Honorary Secretary General of the Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA), supporting the Public Works Department, also known as JKR in nation-building initiatives within the construction sector.

Dr. Shawn also comes from a background of technopreneurship and is also a co-founder of an existing engineering deep tech outfit, Poseidon Solutions specializing in digital twins of critical public and energy infrastructure.

Dr Shawn obtained his Bachelors in Civil Engineering in 2012 and subsequently his Doctorate in Civil Engineering in 2019. He is also a Professional Engineer in Malaysia as well as a British Chartered Engineer from the Energy Institute

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