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Data Strategy – Where To Start?

Data Strategy – Where To Start?

By Jean-Michel Coeur

In his career in data, consulting and analytics, Jean-Michel built several international, cross-cultural teams with diverse ideas and a passion to unleash innovation in their clients.

Jean-Michel will bring his experience to address the various data strategies that CDO and head of analytics can apply to deliver business outcomes to their stake holders, using the cloud. This includes:

  • Design an analytics organisation, based on its purpose and mission,
  • Define a practical analytics roadmap with a customer data platform at his core,
  • Define a Data migration blueprint when moving to the cloud, taking data sovereignty into consideration.
  • Define the right data governance pertaining to the organisation in place and the industry companies are in,
  • Hire for the right skillsets while growing internal teams with new data skills

Jean-Michel will conclude with tips and trick on how analytics organisations can focus on the finish line, to ensure business outcomes.

About the Speaker

Data Strategy - Where To Start?For many years, Jean-Michel had a passion for uncovering insight from data and using that to positively impact business and society. His mantra is to analyse, theorise, plan and be decisive. By bringing data science, analytics and machine learning together latent potential of any business can be unleashed.

Jean-Michel’s greatest reward? Customer success. He always look for creative & disruptive solutions that can be developed to empower his customers through their innovation journey

After a successful career in data, consulting and analytics spanning the US, Europe and Asia, Jean-Michel is leading the Data Analytics practice at Sourced Group to achieve its analytics mission: “Empower Enterprises to harness their data potential, at scale”.

To understand more about what is Big Data Days 2022, visit here. If you want to know more about big data framework and certification, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the chatbox!

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