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Analytics Growth Model

Analytics Growth Model

By Robey de Jong

A lot of companies struggle to identify the steps which need to be taken to successfully develop analytics solutions. By following the analytics growth process, both the start-up and the corporate world get a clear understanding on what to do and when at each different growth stage. Robey will share the recommended analytics growth model that any type of company may apply to be ready for the next growth step at any time.

About the Speaker

Analytics Growth ModelThrough Robey de Jong’s experience in various types of Data Science organizations, she has gained a clear understanding of which steps need to be taken to successfully develop analytics solutions. She has incorporated these steps into an Analytics growth process for both start-ups and corporate companies, in which her experiences from the start-up and the corporate world are connected.

Within the Rabobank, she is responsible for the Analytics Way of Working. Her current focus is to provide bank-wide guidelines for analytics practitioners and establish an Analytics community within the bank. She loves her role because it gives her the opportunity to share her experience in Data Science, Architecture and Design. Moreover, it gives her a boost to improve the probability of success of analytics solutions and the explainability of the process.

Next to her job, she acts as the Vice President of the CosmoQueen Foundation which fights for women empowerment by providing essential skills in the textile industry.

In addition, she aims to shake up industries with innovations as co-founder on the AI start-up: youai.

Robey spends her remaining time on the pitch as a fanatic field hockey player, during which she learned at a young age how to lead teams.

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