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A Framework To Capture Value From Big Data

A Framework To Capture Value From Big Data

By Sreedharan Arumugam

In this session, Sreedharan will share a framework for capturing value for the business by leveraging big data sets available. The framework will provide a systematic approach to understanding the data set, the context in which the data sets were created and the insights that the data sets provide through statistical analysis (machine learning / artificial intelligence).

The session will also cover the importance of augmenting these insights by integrating human intelligence (capabilities like intuition, imagination, imitation, inspiration, intention and interaction). This combination of human and machine intelligence brings enables the business leaders to gain insights which would not have been possible if the data were processed just by either machine or human intelligence.

These insights then can be used to solve complex and difficult problems, which in turn have the possibility to drive significant business value.

About the Speaker

A Framework To Capture Value From Big DataSreedharan Arumugam is a Business Technology leader with a proven track record in helping customers define their data strategy. He specializes in Enterprise Data Platforms, focused on driving digital adoption for global clients using Big Data, Analytics and Automation Technologies.

He leads the Platform and Technologies Solution Team, responsible for driving new business through customer advisory and strategic deal execution across SEA.

With over 20+ years of experience in building architecture, customer advisory, presales and consulting in Asia-Region, he is a key influencer with professional contacts with C-Suite and Technology partners.

Prior to joining SAP, Sreedharan has worked at various big organizations like Sybase, JPMorgan Chase in USA , EMEA Lead consultant & helping customers to solve the critical challenges as a Database Admin & Business Analyst.

To understand more about what is Big Data Days 2022, visit here. If you want to know more about big data framework and certification, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the chatbox!

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