Suzannah Hicks: Big Data Strategy, Governance and Privacy Regulations | Big Data Talks #16

Welcome to our next episode of Big Data Talks, in which we have conversations with Industry Experts about the way in which data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way we live. My name is Jan-Willem Middelburg, and I will be your host today. I am the author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework, which is hosting this series of Big Data Talks. You can always watch back the recording of this discussion on YouTube, the Big Data Framework Website, and the podcasting platform Apple Podcasts.

Today I have the great pleasure to welcome back Suzannah Hicks, a guest speaker at this year’s Big Data Days 2023 virtual conference. Suzannah Hicks is a Data Strategist & Scientist at The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Suzannah is also an Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University Master of Science Data Analytics program. Suzannah has worked in data strategy, analytics and data science for more than two decades and has worked with multiple industries including education, healthcare, consultancy, market intelligence and many more.

Suzannah has a bachelor’s degree in History from Berea College, a Master of Science degree in analytics and data science from the University of New Hampshire and is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Administration and Organizational Development from Johnson and Wales University. Welcome Suzannah.