Prof. Dr. Angela Lee: Preparing University Students for New Technology | Big Data Talks #19

Welcome to our next episode of Big Data Talks, in which we have conversations with Industry Experts about the way in which data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way we live. My name is Jan-Willem Middelburg, and I will be your host today. I am the author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework, which is hosting this series of Big Data Talks. You can always watch back the recording of this discussion on YouTube, the Big Data Framework Website, and the podcasting platform Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Today I have the great pleasure to welcome Ts. Professor Dr. Angela Lee. Dr. Angela is the Associate Dean & Head of Department Computing and Information Systems in the School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University Malaysia.

She serves on the editorial and reviewer board for several international journals such as the Journal of IT in Industry, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Journal of Information and Management etc. She also involves in several committees and membership such as IEEE special group Big Data Technical Committee, member of the Association of Information Systems and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK, representing Malaysia in the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and was one of the founding members of SAS user group Malaysia.

Dr. Angela Lee holds the degrees of BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology, Master of Science in E-Commerce, Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, and a Ph.D. in Computing. She also completed the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Business Analytics Specialization course and has gained data knowledge and analytics mindset to describe, predict, and inform business decisions using big data in the areas of IT, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Operations. Welcome Dr. Angela.