APMG International partners with Big Data Framework to launch Vendor-Neutral  ‘Enterprise Big Data’ Certifications

Enterprise Big Data Professional – the first of four specialist Big Data certifications is now available.

APMG International has partnered with the Big Data Framework to educate and certify Big Data experts by launching the Enterprise Big Data (EBD) Certifications. Big Data Framework is an independent organization dedicated to upskilling individuals with expertise in Big Data.

As a global accreditation and certification body – APMG administers the EBD Certification exams and quality assures its training courses. The partnership was formed in response to high demand for expertise in extracting valuable insight from large volumes of enterprise data.

Richard Pharro, APMG’s CEO said, “With the rapid evolution of digital technology and subsequent proliferation of data – organizations can utilise data in ways that were not possible a few years ago. The challenge is consolidating all of this data to provide tangible benefits for the organization.

“Combining Big Data Framework’s expertise in the field with the quality assurance of APMG’s accredited training providers – provides the optimal opportunity for professionals to certify their understanding of interpreting and utilizing Big Data.”

The Enterprise Big Data Professional

The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) is the first of four certifications to be made available. EBDP is an entry level certification confirming an individual’s understanding of Big Data fundamentals – such as common terminologies, core concepts and solutions. EBDP is ideal for data specialist roles such as Data and Business Analysts – but also for those is non-specialist roles who wish to have a basic understanding of Big Data.

Training courses are available through quality assured Accredited Training Organizations – each one benchmarked against APMG’s exacting standards. EBDP certification is a pre-requisite for the remaining three EBD certifications – due to be released later this year.

Future Enterprise Big Data Certifications

There will be a total of four EBD Certifications – suitable for various job roles and level of expertise. The remaining three certifications will be released throughout the year:

  • Enterprise Big Data Analyst (EBDA)
  • Enterprise Big Data Scientist (EBDS)
  • Enterprise Big Data Engineer (EBDE)

Big Data Framework

Big Data Framework’s eponymous guidance underpins the EBD Certifications and is available free online – providing the Big Data community with an easily accessible and comprehensive learning resource.

What is Enterprise Data?

When data is shared by users of an organization – usually across departments or geographic regions, it is described as ‘Enterprise Data’.  The loss of enterprise data can result in financial and reputational loss which can be significant for all involved parties. Organizations dedicate time and resource on careful and effective data modelling, solutions, security and storage, to manage their Enterprise Data effectively.