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Value Driven Big Data & Analytics Architecture And Framework

By Muhammad Usman Haider

The presentation will cover the life cycle journey for organizations, especially the Telecom industry, to drive the value from Data and become data value-driven. This session will focus on the mentioned below key areas:

  • Big data and AI ecosystem challenges:
    – People
    – Process
    – Data
    – Platforms
  • Deployment of the complex big data ecosystem.
  • How to become an insight-driven Telecom with Optimized Data & AI architecture & framework.
  • Use cases and insight-driven organization.
  • High overview of hybrid Data fabric and data mesh.

About the Speaker


Usman is a Certified Big data and Analytics professional having strong expertise in big data, Applied Analytics/Data Science, business intelligence & enterprise data warehousing life cycle, especially in implementing petabyte analytics ecosystems and data platforms. Possess strong business and technical knowledge of telecommunications, insurance, and banking industry and skills necessary to analyze & investigate commercial & technical challenges.

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