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Understanding Big Data Analysis – Learn the Big Data Analysis Process

Understanding Big Data Analysis – Learn the Big Data Analysis Process

By Jan-Willem Middelburg

In this webinar, Jan-Willem Middelburg guides you through the phases and steps that you will need to perform when executing Big Data analysis. If you aim to analyse data in a consistent, reproducible manner, following a structured approach and process is crucial for success.

In the end, it is important that other stakeholders understand the required steps that lead to a result. Approaches in this webinar are based on the Enterprise Big Data Analyst process model.

First, you will learn about understanding the business objective, and how data can be ingested through databases, common data structure or the web. We will subsequently discuss data cleaning and data wrangling techniques, before progressing to model building. In the final part of this webinar, we will discuss the presentation of reproducible research, and how you can present data in an effective and understandable way.

About the Speaker

Closing and Award CeremonyJan-Willem Middelburg

The author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework publications. Jan-Willem has over a decade of experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI algorithms design and applications.

A pioneer and advocate for professionalization in Automation and Big Data, he is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at universities and technology conferences around the world. Jan-Willem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, and is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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