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The Future of Enterprise: A Deep Dive Into Big Data and Natural Language Applications

By Majid Hasan

This session will discuss the latest trends and innovations in big data and AI applications, in the areas of natural language understanding, unstructured data processing, and modern web interfaces powered by natural language, and how these emerging technologies can be leveraged by enterprises to:

– Reduce operational costs by automating labour intensive processes;
– Generate new insights from data that typically remain hidden in troves of messy data;
– Create new revenue opportunities by leveraging new technologies to build new products.

The session will use insights drawn from real case studies across a variety of organisations of different sizes and across different industries.

About the Speaker


A data scientist with an economic bent, Majid is passionate about leveraging markets’ expectations, alternative data (web, IoT, satellite), and AI modelling, to augment traditional macroeconomic data and modelling.

He is currently working on an analytics startup that promises significant gains in the accuracy of economic forecasts, at the fraction of a cost of current fundamental research and due diligence practices, by reverse-engineering the markets’ collective forward-looking expectations (implicit in asset prices) using bleeding-edge asset pricing models, and can already predict the broader trends for important macro-economic variables, including PMI, GDP, employment rate, economic recessions etc., upto two years ahead, more accurately, and at a lower cost, than the existing alternatives!

Majid holds a PhD in finance from EDHEC business school, with over 10 years of experience in building big data products for small, medium, and large organisations. He is currently the CTO of ESGnie, where he is leading the development of an industry-leading product for unstructured ESG data processing and analysis.

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