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Panel Discussion: The Rise Of AI In Data Driven Organisations

Panel Discussion

AI has been IT project not integrated into the business processes. One will need the right data and machine learning algorithms to drive the AI to make the right decisions. While AI has traditionally been seen as a complicated and challenging innovation, in 2023, artificial intelligence will be spread to a wider user base that includes those without specialized knowledge of AI.

In this panel, we will look into some examples of how AI is used in making data-driven decisions in your business, the latest trends involving AI, ethical and reliable AI, as well as the latest tools available in the industry.

The panel is moderated by Jan-Willem Middelburg, chief examiner and author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework.

Host: Jan-Willem Middelburg, President and Chief Examiner of the Enterprise Big Data Framework


Faisal Khan
Vice President Strategy & Insights, Sila

Kieran Hagan
Data, AI, and Automation Technical Sales Leader, IBM

Vincent Koc
Head of Data, hipages

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