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Organizational Culture Transformation: Challenges & Benefits Of Adopting Data Culture

By Suzannah Hicks

Organizational culture change is notoriously difficult. Adopting a data culture is even more difficult than other cultural changes. The benefits of adopting data-driven decision-making have been proven over and over, yet businesses and organizations are still not making the transformation to truly embrace a data culture. There are unique challenges associated with this organizational culture shift, but doing so also brings tremendous value to the organization.

In this presentation, Suzannah will discuss the challenges associated with cultural change at the organizational level, the benefits of adopting a data culture, as well as the typical barriers that prevent organizations from fully embracing and implementing a data culture.

About the Speaker


Suzannah is currently the Data Strategist and Scientist for the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She established and leads the Data team at the IAPP, where she is responsible for preparing and leading the annual data team roadmap, budgetary and resource planning, and other strategic efforts in cooperation with the IAPP Chief Information Officer. Suzannah leads the development and implementation of the organizational data strategy, including the establishment of data governance policies and oversight.

Suzannah is also currently completing her doctorate in Organizational Development. Her current research is regarding organizational culture transformation and change, specifically the challenges and benefits of adopting an organizational data culture.

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