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Hybrid Cloud For Big Data

By Henry Clavo

Cloud computing has seen its own evolution through the years. From expensive private clouds to massively scalable public ones before finally landing on “hybrid clouds” combining the speed and agility of public services with the security of keeping critical systems on-premises.

There are many benefits to a hybrid cloud option, mainly giving organizations the flexibility to support their remote and distributed employees with on-demand access to data that isn’t tied to one central location.

Join Henry as he explains what a hybrid cloud is and what an organization needs to implement the hybrid cloud solution.

About the Speaker


Henry is a dedicated data professional who has worked in enterprise data management for 10 years. Established relationships with clients and implemented data solutions for their needs in on-prem to cloud solutions.

Henry has implemented technology solutions for government agencies, healthcare hospitals, financial services, and Insurance companies.  He works with different businesses and IT development teams to work on technical and operational improvements that lead to innovation.

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