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How To Build Data Driven Organisations

By Aamar Hussain

Why are Data-driven organisations successful in ever-changing market dynamics?  Why do the best organisation keep up and beat their competitors in a highly competitive environment? Why do customers love doing business with a certain few?

Find out the answers to these key questions as well as more in Aamar’s talk on building a data-driven organisation.

About the Speaker


Aamar was formerly the Director of Data & AI within the Microsoft Azure customer success business, responsible for Data & AI cloud solutions architects. The Data & AI CSA team’s mission is to empower customer value and realisation using Azure Data & AI portfolio.

Prior to Microsoft, Aamar led the CCAI (Contact Centre AI) practice at Google working with key strategic customers and partners to create and execute a CX (Customer experience) transformation vision using Google AI/ML.

Aamar holds Master of Science in Information Systems with over 18 years of industry experience centred around engineering, consulting, and enterprise solution architecture in a variety of verticals working with Accenture, BT, and DXC (previously known as CSC)

Leading with a curious and student mindset seeking out opportunities to make a positive impact on society, a passionate advocate of making sure technology (Data & AI) is a force for good in helping combat some of the biggest problems in our and the future generations to come.

“At a very early stage in my career, I realised the importance of culture, people, and importance of leadership. I constantly strive to build a culture of trust, empathy, and physiological safety amongst the teams and people I have had the privilege to lead and be led by!”.

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