Project Description

Ground Breaking Automated Data Metrics & Reusable Technical Data Governance Pipeline Design

By Gary Cronin | Hosted by Jan-Willem Middelburg

In this webinar, you will learn how to create and automate data metrics by simple and practical tagging & tracking of your data. With the volume of data growing rapidly, these skills are essential for managing real-time data and delivering meaningful insights.

We will discuss how to:

• Implement a reusable technical data governance framework where you can monitor and measure your historical, real-time and scheduled data.

• Use easy-to-understand data pipeline design and architectures.

• Connect your data to your business processes enabling data-driven measurement that can scale.

• Turn these metrics into board level KPIs in a way that not only Technical people can understand.

• Give the active management of your data to business users.

About the Speaker

Gary Cronin

Director of Data Architecture, Analytics & AI at QA is a highly experienced IT and Data professional with a mix of business, strategy and technical skills developed over a 21-year career that has focused on Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics areas.

He has worked with a range of database, BI, modelling and analytics toolsets and platforms and have been involved in tool and platform evaluation and selection.

Gary has also provided consulting Data advice to start-ups on all things Data.

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