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Getting Started with Generative AI

By Paul Colmer

In this fun-packed 60-minute session, using only a digital whiteboard and hands-on demos, you’ll be rewarded with an introduction to the exciting world of generative AI and learn how to get started on AWS.

First, we’ll cover the basics of generative AI, which is a branch of AI that involves creating models that can generate new, unique content based on patterns and rules learned from existing data. You’ll learn about a few different types of generative models, including generative adversarial networks (GANs), generative pre-trained transforms (GPTs), and stable diffusion.

Next, Paul will introduce you to Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AWS machine learning (ML) powered service that helps improve developer productivity by generating code recommendations based on developers’ prior code and plain English comments.

Paul will also introduce you to Amazon Sagemaker Jumpstart, a tool that helps you get started with machine learning projects quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to use Sagemaker Jumpstart to deploy your generative models on AWS and scale them up for larger datasets through a live demonstration.

Finally, Paul will introduce you to AWS DeepComposer, a cloud-based service that allows you to create original music using generative AI. You’ll learn how to use DeepComposer to create your own music and see how generative AI can be applied to creative fields beyond just traditional data analysis.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a better understanding of generative AI, understand the use of Code Whisperer to help write code, have seen a practical demonstration of using generative models on AWS with Sagemaker Jumpstart and you’ll also have seen how generative AI can be used to create original content in creative fields like musical composition.

About the Speaker


Paul loves empowering AWS customers through the delivery of effective business solutions. His passion is helping people develop and grow. Through compelling storytelling, shared experiences, digital storyboarding, and comedy.

Working for Amazon Web Services as a Senior Technical Trainer with a specialism in Machine Learning, Paul loves sharing his passion and knowledge to help customers grow.

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