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Formulating A Big Data Strategy

Formulating A Big Data Strategy

By Jan-Willem Middelburg

A comprehensive enterprise-wide Big Data strategy can provide enterprises with a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

An effective Big Data strategy means a business strategy that includes Big Data. A well-defined and comprehensive Big Data strategy makes the benefits of Big Data actionable for the organization. It sets out the steps that an organization should execute to become a “Data Driven Enterprise”.

The session will discuss the 5-step approach for organizations can follow to formulate their Big Data strategy.

About the Speaker

Closing and Award CeremonyJan-Willem Middelburg

The author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework publications. Jan-Willem has over a decade of experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI algorithms design and applications.

A pioneer and advocate for professionalization in Automation and Big Data, he is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at universities and technology conferences around the world. Jan-Willem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, and is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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