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Exploring The Intersection Of Big Data And The Metaverse: Opportunities And Challenges

By Dr. Obay

The intersection of big data and the metaverse presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for businesses, researchers, and developers. The metaverse, a virtual world or collection of virtual worlds that are fully immersive, interactive, and populated by people, avatars, and digital objects, is a concept that has been popularized by science fiction and is often associated with virtual reality, augmented reality and other forms of digital immersion.

Big data, on the other hand, refers to extremely large sets of data that cannot be easily processed or analyzed using traditional data processing methods. The combination of these two technologies creates a new and exciting field of study and development.

About the Speaker


Dr. Obay is a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence holder, a professional Trainer, Digital Marketer and an International Speaker, his expertise in Big Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (ML), and Immersive Technology is well-demonstrated in more than 17 years of experience in various information technology industries.

He is a certified TTT (Train The Trainer) trainer. He conducted numerous training courses for various companies and universities, and he is currently an active trainer of professional courses in Data Science and Analytics, and Applied Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning with Power BI. He has trained over a total of 3,000+ trainees to date.

He supervises PhD and Master candidates at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), and Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Furthermore, he is an International Speaker, and his topics usually focus on Big Data and its applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, and DL.

In addition, he is the founder of Artificial Intelligence and Coding for All (AlC4ALL), a digital education company that designed a well-curated curriculum and courses for Coding, AI, Data Science, ML, and DL.

Being a digital marketer himself for the past 14+ years and the founder of INNOEYETIVE, a digital marketing company, he is currently bringing in the latest technology in the digital marketing field by using AI and Metaverse Technology to leverage Social Media Marketing.

Currently, he is an Adjunct Associated Professor at Taylor’s University, and he holds both positions as the Head of the Multimedia Department of Al-Wariseen Trust and the Head of IT and Marketing of Yallelite company.

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