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Common Algorithms in Big Data Analysis and Analytics Solutions

Common Algorithms in Big Data Analysis and Analytics Solutions

By Dr. Ibrahim Kebbe | Hosted by Jan-Willem Middelburg

Algorithms can perform calculation, data processing and automated reasoning tasks. By applying algorithms to large volumes of data, valuable knowledge and insights can be obtained.

The application of algorithms, and its subsequent use for Big Data, is grounded in the scientific domain of statistics.

The session will discuss essential statistical operations and provide common algorithms that are used in Big Data analysis and analytics solutions.

About Speaker

Dr. Ibrahim Kebbe

Dr. Ibrahim has over 25 years of experience and accumulated more than two decades of academic development & corporate training in the Construction, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Education. A full Professor and prolific researcher in the areas of Management Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He instructs a large spectrum of academic/corporate material covering the former areas plus Research Methods, Big Data & Analytics, Operations Research, Operations Management, Numerical Analysis and Risk Management. He is also a Risk & Project Management Consultant and Management Sciences and Metaheuristics Consultant/Researcher.


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