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Are Your Product Operations Holding Back Innovations?

By Pradnya Chavan

Analytics product operations serve as a junction of product, engineering, and customer journey, and is an integral part of any product. Successful product operations lead to competitive products by continuously setting new industry standards.

How do we achieve this level of excellence in our existing products? This can be achieved by setting the right vision for the product’s future, and technology and employing standard practices.

In this session, you will learn:

– How to make different technologies within one organization collaborate with each other without worrying about expensive collaboration tools.
– How cloud technology can make your product better.
– How to constructively impact your work culture.
– What external tools can add value to your products?
– How to establish the present state of your product and build SLAs and metrics around it.

About the Speaker


Pradnya is a strategic product operations leader with 9 years of experience in achieving operational excellence and driving savings of $100K+ by improving data product operations.

She is passionate about data science and operations. She has helped her organization to streamline complex processes by using a combination of data science, engineering, and operations skills. She is a result-oriented leader with a proven track of building agile teams and processes for the production environment.


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