Kieran Hagan: The Role of AI in Data Management | Big Data Talks #15

Welcome to our next episode of Big Data Talks, in which we have conversations with Industry Experts about the way in which data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way we live. My name is Jan-Willem Middelburg, and I will be your host today. I am the author of the Enterprise Big Data Framework, which is hosting this series of Big Data Talks. You can always watch back the recording of this discussion on YouTube, the Big Data Framework Website, and the podcasting platform on Apple Podcasts.

Today I have the great pleasure to welcome back Kieran Hagan, a panel speaker at this year’s Big Data Days 2023 virtual conference. Kieran is a Principal Technical Sales Leader, ASEANZK (ASEAN, ANZ, Korea) for Data, AI and Automation at IBM. Kieran has worked with data and data solutions for more than two decades. Kieran has a double bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science from Australia National University, a frequent speaker in webinars, conferences around the world representing IBM. Welcome Kieran.