Big Data – How to get started!

Panel Discussion

Big Data is a topic that in on the strategic agenda of almost every organization. The demand for Big Data professionals keeps growing, and there is already a shortage in capacity of qualified and skilled people in this domain. As a result, a war on talent for the most qualified people in the industry has begun. The amount of information is growing significantly, as well as the available tools to analyse Big Data. So where to start in this overload of information?

Are you interested in the domain of Big Data and Data Science, but wondering where to start? In this webinar, a select panel of experts accredited in the Big Data Framework, DAMA (Data Management Association) and training organisations will discuss the problems and opportunities presented by the explosion of Big Data which has taken place in the last two years.

The panel will discuss how to get started with Big Data, both from an enterprise point of view (through strategy, processes and technology) as well as an individual point of view (which skills and knowledge do you need). The panel will discuss practical information and tips that will help you to get started in the Big world of Big Data.

Panelists include: Andrew Smailes – Australian National President of the Data Management Association (DAMA), Vincent Marsi, Director at HiLogic, Jan-Willem Middelburg, VP Asia at Pink Elephant, Shane Johnson, Principal Consultant at ITSMHub and Lawrie Kirk, Business Development Manager in Australia and New Zealand.

How to register?

This webinar is hosted by APMG-International and you are able to register through this link.

Webinar recording

The full panel discussion webinar will be recorded and made available on this page immediately after the webinar.