The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance has partnered with Advisors to support the Egypt Vision 2030 Enablement Conference. Egypt Vision 2030 is based on the principles of “Comprehensive Sustainable Development” and “Balanced Regional Development”. Enabling Leaders from public, private, and social organizations to realize sustainable benefits that lead to Vision 2030. The conference highlights the most trending Strategy Implementation & Digital Transformation frameworks and competencies.

Masterclass 2: Enterprise Big Data Framework

Masterclass Brief:

Big Data and the use of corresponding Big Data technologies have quickly risen in popularity in recent years and many organizations have set up dedicated data analysis or Big Data function in the organization. In this masterclass, we will discuss how organizations can use Big Data technologies and techniques to spot patterns in large quantities of enterprise data and how these patterns can be used to increase overall performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend the advantages and details of the new digital strategy.
  • Absorb the details of the Enterprise Big Data Framework.
  • Reflect the Framework on HR roles.
  • Integrate Big Data processes into the digital initiative that would add more traction to business.
  • Understand Big Data tools & techniques underlying roles & processes.


Dr Ibrahim Kebbe | Big Data Ambassador

Prof. Ibrahim has over 25 years of experience and accumulated more than two decades of academic development & corporate training in the Construction, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Education. A full Professor and prolific researcher in the areas of Management Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He instructs a large spectrum of academic\corporate material covering the former areas plus Research Methods, Big Data & Analytics, Operations Research, Operations Management, Numerical Analysis and Risk Management. He is also a Risk & Project Management Consultant and Management Sciences and Metaheuristics Consultant\ Researcher.


Jan-Willem Middelburg is the CEO and co-founder of Cybiant. He started Cybiant with the mission to make a more sustainable world for the Next Generation using data and automation. He authored and co-authored numerous books, including Serious Gaming (2013), The Service Automation Framework (2017) and recently The Enterprise Big Data Framework (2018). A pioneer and advocate for professionalization in Automation and Big Data, he is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at universities and technology conferences around the world. Also, he has been an accredited trainer for over 10+ years in both Europe and Asia. Jan-Willem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Registration Details:

You can register for this event, through the following link.