Share Your #BigData Success with a Digital Badge from APMG

Hundreds of people have taken and passed the Enterprise Big Data Professional exam  – and now the next Analyst level is coming out soon.

Since APMG launched digital badges for successful candidates at the beginning of 2018, more than 60,000 people have shared their success on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course, on their online CV.

The badges are secure, dynamic, digital representations of your achievement (copied badges won’t dynamically link to the credentials earned).

How can I share my #BigData success?

There are a number of ways you can share your success – here are some of them:

1) Make sure you download your badge and share it on social media in 3 easy steps – Read more here

2) Write a blog about the Big Data course and how you got there – How did training and certification help?  Get some inspiration from blogs on APMG International

3) Send us a short quote that sums up how your Enterprise Big Data certification has helped in your role and get the chance to be featured in our #ShareYourSuccess campaign, to inspire others to do great things

4) Send us an image of yourself which we can use on any promotion we create for you

Benefits of sharing your success

  • It helps employers understand the value of the certification you have, which helps you in your career progression
  • Your success is amplified to a global audience
  • Including your employer shows that they are investing in your career and supporting your progress
  • Including your training organisation gives them the credit they deserve if you felt your experience helped in your career
  • You are inspiring others to achieve their goals