The Enterprise Big Data Professional Official Sample Paper is designed to help candidates to prepare for the Enterprise Big Data Professional examination with the topics, exam structure and types of exam questions.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course will provide candidates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies. In this extensive program, candidates will learn how to adopt, adapt and apply the fundamental principles of Big Data in their own organization to realise business benefits.

The sample paper provides a mock exam for practice and an overview of the Enterprise Big Data Professional examination and consolidates your answering skills for the EBDP examination. This sample paper contains 60 multiple choice questions, covering the core concepts of Enterprise Big Data Professional Certification.

Candidates can review the questions and answers by domain, allowing for concentrated study in particular areas. Each question includes a brief explanation for each answer choice, allowing the learner to fully understand the rationale behind each correct and incorrect answer choice.

The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyze massive quantities of data.

Overview and Exam Format of the Enterprise Big Data Professional Exam

  • Multiple choice
  • 60 questions per paper
  • 39 marks (65%) required to pass
  • 90 minutes duration
  • Closed book