The Big Data Framework White Paper is an introduction to the benefits and capabilities of the Big Data Framework.

Most enterprises have now realized that ‘Big Data’ is not just a project or department that can be managed by (a part of) the IT department. In order to obtain long-term value from Big Data, there is more required than hiring smart data scientists and acquiring a Big Data technology stack. Rather, data-driven thinking and data-driven decision making should become part of the organization’s DNA. This is easier said than done. In a sense, transformation towards a Data Driven Enterprise can be regarded as an organizational change program. It requires a different way of thinking, in which all parts of the organization (from strategy to culture) play a vital role. Because of this requirement, the Big Data Framework was created.

The Big Data Framework is a structured approach that considers six core capabilities that enterprises need to consider to obtain long-lasting value from Big Data. Rooted in the scientific domain, the Big Data Framework provides fundamental knowledge and insights in the core components of Big Data. The topics of the framework range from the technical components of setting up a Big Data architecture towards the soft skills required to set up a Big Data center of excellence. By taking a capabilities approach, enterprises can grow their competencies over time, firmly embedding the practice of Big Data into the enterprise.

In this white paper, an overview is provided of the benefits of a framework approach towards Big Data. Subsequently, an introductory overview is provided of the six core capabilities of the Big Data Framework.