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Data analysis can be considered both as an art and as a science. The latter is straightforward, because the analysis of data, as well as model building, is deeply rooted into the scientific domains of statistics, mathematics and computer science. Data analysis, on the other hand, is also an art. It requires creativity, practical skills and repeatable methods. Especially in Enterprises, data analysis should be a structured process, with discernible steps and repetitious activities, that can be easily exchanged amongst colleagues. This is what makes data analysis highly interesting, as well as complex to master.

This second certification of the Big Data Framework series focuses on the required skills and knowledge of an Enterprise Big Data Analyst roleThe key objective of this certification and corresponding qualification, is to learn data analysis techniques that are applicable and valuable in organizations. For this second certification a new guide will be released during the #BigDataWeek launch event with APMG International. Sign up below to be the first to receive the new guide!