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Working with the Big Data Framework

Working with the Big Data Framework

In our previous article, we addressed some reasons why organizations should apply the Big Data Framework and also discussed six main elements that organizations need to take into consideration when establishing their Big Data organizations. Today, we will be focusing on the sequence of these main elements that need to be considered in implementing the Big Data Framework.

The Big Data Framework has been set up as an open standard for every person or organization to use it the way that they see fit. The framework builds further on existing theories and summarizes major themes and streams within Big Data. There is, however, a logical sequence to the six elements of the framework for organizations that wish to implement the Big Data Framework. The sequence starts from the middle of the framework, and follows the six elements of the framework clockwise as depicted as in figure 1:

The sequence of the Big Data Framework

Figure 1: The sequence of the Big Data Framework

Although the sequencing is straightforward, it is important to understand that Artificial Intelligence (the last element of the Big Data Framework) can only be achieved if all other elements of the framework are functioning properly.

Artificial Intelligence requires a sufficiently developed Big Data organization in order to ‘learn’ how to make decisions and provide long lasting enterprise value. As an analogy, children also first need to have a basic education (through schools) before they can reason effectively and efficiently.

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