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Why a Big Data Framework?

Why a Big Data Framework?

Frameworks provide structure. The core objective of the Big Data Framework is to provide a structure for enterprise organizations that aim to benefit from the potential of Big Data. In order to achieve long-term success, Big Data is more than just the combination of skilled people and technology – it requires structure and capabilities. The Big Data Framework was developed because – although the benefits and business cases of Big Data are apparent – many organizations struggle to embed a successful Big Data practice in their organization.

Benefits of applying a Big Data Framework

The structure provided by the Big Data Framework provides an approach for organizations that takes into account all organizational capabilities of a successful Big Data practice. All the way from the definition of a Big Data strategy, to the technical tools and capabilities an organization should have.

The five main benefits of applying a Big Data framework are as follows:

  • It provides a structure for organizations that want to start with Big Data or aim to develop their Big Data capabilities further.
  • It includes all organizational aspects that should be taken into account in a Big Data organization.
  • It is vendor independent. It can be applied to any organization regardless of choice of technology, specialization or tools.
  • It provides a common reference model that can be used across departmental functions or country boundaries.
  • It identifies core and measurable capabilities in each of its six domains so that the organization can develop over time.

Big Data is a people business. Even with the most advanced computers and processors in the world, organizations will not be successful without the appropriate knowledge and skills. The Big Data Framework therefore aims to increase the knowledge of everyone who is interested in Big Data. The modular approach and accompanying certification scheme aims to develop knowledge about Big Data in a similar structured fashion.

The Big Data framework provides a holistic structure toward Big Data. It looks at the various components that enterprises should consider while setting up their Big Data organization. Every element framework is of equal importance and organizations can only develop further if they provide equal attention and effort to all elements of the framework.

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