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Value-driven Perspective to Big Data: Combinatorics and Permutation Implications

Value-driven Perspective to Big Data: Combinatorics and Permutation Implications

By Vukosi Sambo

According to Lego Staticians, two 2×4 (eight button) Lego bricks render 24 possible shape combinations. Add a 3rd brick and that number takes off to 1060. Add 3 more brick and the Lego magic really kicks in: just 6 (2×4) bricks makes the lucky recipient into a near billionaire of playtime possibility, with an incredible 915 103 765 combinations at their fingertips.

From a 2 year old to an elderly more astute individual, almost anyone can play with the blocks. The simplicity of the Lego brick is the magic behind this. A highly qualitative brick that have been built to be understood by almost everyone to deliver an exponential increasing pleasure and complexity in challenge and obsession is the greatest opportunity we have at maximizing exploitation of “data bricks” for our organisations and society at large.

This fine-tunes simplicity of the Lego brick is precisely what ensures the dazzling potential of its applications for business users and democratization of data and insights. In our organization, we generate hundreds of millions of data points every year, the potential trillions of permutations and combinations of these data bricks is at the core of out Big Data Strategy.

About the Speaker

Value-driven Perspective to Big Data: Combinatorics and Permutation ImplicationsVukosi Sambo is an experienced executive and renowned key note speaker, with extensive experience in healthcare, financial services, FMCG and market research. He is an expert specialist in data science, AI & ML, digital strategies, cloud computing & security, risk management, business architecture, and operations management.

Vukosi currently serves as the GM & Executive- Head of Data Solutions & Insights at Medscheme (Afrocentric Group), a leading South African health insurer with 3.77 million lives under administration. He is also in 3 Global Advisory Boards in Data, Technology and Information Security i.e:

• Corinium Global Intelligence Group Business of Data;

• Hottopics, a global data and technology events platform with over 15 000 C-level subscribers; and

• VigiTrust

Vukosi’s extensive background also includes studies in Oxford University Executive Leadership Programme, Economic Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence from University of Texas (USA), Post Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing (University of Texas, USA), Post Graduate Program in Risk Management (Unisa), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Unisa), Post Graduate Executive education in Digital Strategies for Business (Columbia Business School, USA), Certified Data Leader, Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (BMGI University, USA) and Certificate in Advanced Forecasting for Data Analysts.

Vukosi is also certified in Machine Learning, Big Data and Cybersecurity and an international conference speaker (+keynote) and contributing writer on data analytics and technology leadership forums.

To understand more about what is Big Data Days 2022, visit here. If you want to know more about big data framework and certification, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the chatbox!

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