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Using Data for Post-Covid Recovery

By Eric Nguyen

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are reshaping the way the world operates. The work that used to be done manually, can now be done quicker, more efficient, and more precise through virtual workers. Although data has been around for a long time, new innovative capabilities to analyse massive amounts of data in record time is reshaping the industry by providing more practical and more intelligent solutions.

In this session, Eric Ngyen, Senior Manager at the Synergy Group Australia, will share his fundamental insights on how modern enterprises could and should incorporate Big Data in their organization. In the context of the Covid-19 recovery phase globally, Eric will discuss how organizations can get up to speed in their data-driven decision journeys to deliver real business values timely. Key takeaways are aspects to set up Goals, Operating framework, and how to build lasting capabilities in the modern enterprise.

Besides his role at Synergy, Eric is also a judge at AI Journal Global Excellence Annual Awards. Be inspired by Eric as he explains how we can make the new normal, post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using Data for Post-Covid RecoveryEric Nguyen is currently a Senior Manager at the Synergy Group Australia. Eric has delivered values to Business Operations through his duties as Business Lead and Developer across various scales (Enterprise, Program of Works to Business Development) in Telecom Customer Services, Project Management, and IT Consulting, Managed and Professional Services. With Internal and Business partners, he solves business problems via Automation, Data Insights and Agile ways of work.

Besides his role at Synergy, Eric is also a judge at AI Journal Global Excellence Annual Awards. Eric holds a Master of Business Information Systems from Australia National University.

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