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The Bright and Dark Side of People Analytics

By Dr. Esther Loo

People Analytics and Human Resources (HR) are practiced in organisations as almost completely different professions, yet their principles are very similar. People Analytics is rooted in the scientific domain of data analysis and statistics, whereas Human Resources is still primarily considered a social science. As these words converge more and more together, organizations will need to consider how they need to structure a Data Driven HR organization.

While it has significant advantages, being too reliant on AI / ML-powered people analytics has certain drawbacks.

In this presentation, Dr. Esther will aid the audience in establishing an effective people analytics framework with clearly recognised risk elements.

Dr. Esther will be sharing about :

  • Why People Analytics – The pro-s of leveraging the existing data
  • How to improve people’s insights and create meaningful information
  • Recognising the negatives of AI / ML in people analytics
  • Developing an effective people, process and platform strategy in ensuring the Data ecosystem is sustainable

About the Speaker

Bright and Dark Side of People AnalyticsDr. Esther Loo has spent the last ten years promoting digital transformation in Malaysia, focusing on the talent factors in the digital world. She is enthusiastic in People Analytics and the humanization of technology.

Her previous experience includes working for a government agency, as well as directing and participating in a range of government-related digital transformation programmes, task groups, policies, and standards. As a former member of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) Technical Steering Committee and Malaysia’s Ministry of Multimedia and Communication’s Technical and Influencers Committee, she also understands the requirements for digital talent growth in Malaysia.

Dr. Esther is presently Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s Head of Organization Design and Effectiveness, where she also supervises the company’s Human Capital Digital Transformation strategy and has managed a number of micro-digitalization activities to fulfil the organization’s current needs.

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