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Responsible AI

Responsible AI

By Poonam Sampat

In this session, you will learn about what is responsible AI, why it is even more important when AI & Machine Learning is getting main stream.

Poonam will explain what is Responsible AI Framework and Responsible AI Toolbox available to include Responsible AI practices in your Machine Learning development lifecycle.

About the Speaker

Responsible AIPoonam Sampat is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, focusing on Data & AI, working with partners and customers in the Asia region, to enable their Data & AI journey on the cloud.

Prior to Microsoft, Poonam was engaged as a Senior Architect at Honeywell, building analytical solutions in the Oil and Gas vertical. Building scalable architectures for Internet Of Things data ingestion, transformation and building Machine Learning models to deliver Business Insights. She has also worked with Goldman Sachs , architecting solution for Investment Bankers to help streamline their processes.

Poonam is an ISB (Indian School Of Business) alum, passionate about analytics, how analytics can shape industries.

She is also passionate about Women In Data & AI and leads the hackathon pillar of Code; Without Barriers Initiative at Microsoft.

To understand more about what is Big Data Days 2022, visit here. If you want to know more about big data framework and certification, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the chatbox!

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