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Modern EtLT & Orchestration Architecture In DataOps

By William Guo

Emerging complex data leads to the rise of DataOps. Following the trend, SaaS, traditional databases, and ancient data file systems also accelerate data processing transfer from traditional offline ETL to ELT on the cloud and finally to the EtLT architecture on and off the cloud. At the same time, data scheduling and systems have also evolved from single data scheduling to Hybrid Orchestration for complex multi-system and multienvironment.

This session will focus on the latest EtLT & Orchestration architecture and practices around the globe and provide guidance for open source projects to help data engineers, analysts, and AI experts in enterprises quickly adapt to the emerging DataOps architecture.

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William Guo Wei, Apache Software Foundation Member, Apache Incubator Mentor. He has successfully held important positions in big data parties in IBM and Teradata and has made outstanding contributions to the frontier research of big data. He has also participated in multiple technical communities at the same time, such as Presto, Alluxio, Hbase, etc., and was the founder of the Clickhouse Chinese community.

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