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Designing a Big Data Organisation

Designing a Big Data Organisation

By Sean Low | Hosted by Jan-Willem Middelburg

Embedding Big Data in Enterprises is as much about change management as it is about Big Data.

The design of a Big Data organization (digital transformation) therefore needs to be user led and have participation from all levels in the enterprise from the start. Organizational culture, organizational structures, and job roles have a large impact on the success of Big Data initiatives.

The session will review some ‘best practices’ on how to establish a data-driven organization.

About Speaker

Sean Low, Senior consultant at Quint

Sean has over 20 years of experience in service management, ranging from service delivery consultant to service delivery manager in various local and international companies worldwide. With his deep knowledge and experience in Service Management, Project management, IT Strategy & Governance, Lean-Agile transformation, and Big Data enterprise strategy, Sean has a very good track record in consulting, project and process assessment, and improvement in numerous multinationals and small businesses. Sean has trained organizations on Enterprise Big Data Professional for over 5 years.

About Quint

Quint is an international consultancy, training, and technology company. We support organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformation. To this end, we accelerate and embed transformations by connecting people, processes, technology, and leadership to one another. Quint’s key focus areas are Digital Strategy, Customer Service Management, Lean-Agile Enterprise, Enterprise DevOps, Enterprise Cloud, Sourcing Advisory, and IT Governance.

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