EBDF Code of Conduct

As an Ambassador of the Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance, I represent EBDF to the best of my abilities, and will adhere the following Code of Conduct:

Representation of Enterprise Big Data Framework 

  • I will keep EBDF information confidential that is not shared with the public yet, but openly share, disseminate and distribute Big Data thought leadership and content in the manner EBDF expects it to be shared.

  • I will speak professionally in a manner that reflects positively on EBDF.

  • I will not make any inaccurate or deceptive statements about EBDF, its products or services.

  • I will respect EBDF’s trademarks and follow EBDF’s trademark policy.

  • I will ensure that when I am using EBDF’s thought leadership or marketing materials that they are up to date and are the latest version.

  • I will properly present my role as an EBDF Ambassador on LinkedIn or other social media and do not present myself as an EBDF employee or EBDF Partner.

  • I will avoid conflicts of interest at all costs, especially between my professional day job and my role as an EBDF Ambassador. When I am speaking with competitive organizations, I will be clear in expressing my own interests.

The Enterprise Big Data Framework Pledge

  • I will be thorough. I recognize that the materials of EBDF are used all over the world be other people, so I will ensure my writing is thorough and well-documented.

  • I will be transparent. I will openly communicate about my role as an EBDF ambassador and will always communicate my interests clearly.

  • I will communicate frequently. I will proactively keep EBDF up to date on developments in my region and information that EBDF should know.

  • I will be professional. I will use social media and other communication channels in a professional manner that reflects corporate standards.

  • I will be respectful. I will respect other ambassadors of competitive organizations and recognize that the Big Data eco-system consists of multiple organizations and individuals.

  • I will properly present my role as an EBDF Ambassador on LinkedIn or other social media and do not present myself as an EBDF employee or EBDF Partner.

  • I will be open to new ideas, new product launches and will actively spend time to familiarize myself with updates and changes.

Data Protection Statement –  Ambassador Digital Badges

APMG will never pass your information on to any other 3rd party or marketing organisations, apart from the relevant APMG suppliers involved in the delivery of services to you. Please check the APMG Privacy Policy available at www.apmg-international.com for further information on how we manage your information and the rights you have under UK and EU data protection laws.

Digital badges will be issued electronically by a third-party supplier appointed by APMG. No digital badges will be issued by APMG directly or in paper form. The individual must review and accept APMG’s and the appointed supplier’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy prior to claiming a digital badge. If the individual does not accept these terms, the digital badge cannot be claimed. No refund or compensation of any kind will be given by APMG to individuals that choose not to benefit from this service for any reason. Access to, and use of, digital badges is subject to the APMG Terms and Conditions and the supplier terms at all times.

Should the individual misuse any digital badge, trade mark or logo associated with any of the certification schemes appropriate action will be taken to resolve the case and prevent recurrence. Serious and/or continuous misuse will give rise to digital badges being withdrawn and legal action being taken as appropriate.

If an individual should breach any of the scheme regulations, they will be subject to their ambassador status being suspended or withdrawn.  If you are suspended, you will need to refrain from promoting yourself as an ambassador for the duration of the suspension.  Should your status as an ambassador be withdrawn, you will need to immediately cease to promote yourself as an ambassador via all mediums.

Declaration to receive an Enterprise Big Data Framework Digital Badge

  • I apply to receive an Ambassador Digital Badge for the Enterprise Big Data Framework.

  • I confirm that the information I have given on this form is correct and that I understand and agree to the use of my personal details described within the Privacy Policy for Ambassador Digital Badges.


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